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Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, FKFF05 (5 hp) and FKF035F (7,5 hp)

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics FKFF05 (5 hp) is a mandatory course for W2 and optional for F4. FKF035F (7,5 hp) is optional for PhD students. The course is given in English.

The course comprises lectures, calculation exercises and a project. To pass the course you need to pass the project and a written exam. Year 2018 an optional mid-term test was introduced, see page "Written exam" for details.

During the introductory lecture you select project group and calculation exercise group.

You find information about the lectures, exercises, project, exercise and project groups, slides from lecures, course literature, the written exam etc. at these pages.

For students that started this course in a previous version (check the course requirements from this year):

FKFF01 and FKF075: can complete missing parts in the present version of the course and obtain 5 hp





Contact Info


Introductory lecture:

March 27, 2019 at 13:15 in Fys:Rydberg (Physics Dept.)



Course Info, Short

Size: 5 hp 

Period: VT2 

Course Responsible: Johan Friberg och Pontus Roldin 

Mandatory for: W2

Optional for: F4, F4es