Nuclear Physics

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Course Literature


The course mainly follows the text book:

·         Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry by Daniel J. Jacob   

Available electronically:


Additional literature

To extend chapter 8 in Jacob:

·         The Life Cycle of the Atmospheric Aerosol (J. Heintzenberg) (for Lecture 3)       

·           Aerosol, Water and Clouds (B. Martinsson) (Lecture 9)                                  

·         Slides from lectures 3 & 9: Aerosol + Aerosols, clouds and climate  

The course literature also comprises four publications compensating for the age of the textbook. They are part of the course material that can be tested on the written exam (use the slides from lectures as guides for what we deem important to know). 

Extra links for the interested (not at the exam): Strat. O3; Air pollution


·         1              Calculation exercises with answers and solutions                                     

·         2              Equation sheet (for exercises and the exam)                                                


Scientific paper(s): see the project description on this course homepage                                                                                 

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