Nuclear Physics

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The course contains a project where each project group reads and presents a scientific paper dealing with atmospheric science. The project is selected from a list during the introductory lecture. Passed project is needed to fulfil the course requirements. Your schedule contains a project follow-up meeting and an oral presentation, where participation during the latter is mandatory.

Project Aim: The project aims at a deeper understanding of the field and to provide the first contact with scientific literature on atmospheric science. It should also be a training in oral presentation and to acquire knowledge during conference-alike presentations. 

Literature: the text book, overheads from lectures and scientific papers. 

Science is characterized by that unknown phenomena are studied. A single paper does not cover all aspects of a subject, but rather focus on a question. In some cases interpretations are revised in retrospect. In this project it is sufficient to assume that "your" paper gives all the circumstances. However, should you find that some aspects are missing in your paper you are free to supplement your literature.

Examination: Each group makes a 10 min. Powerpoint presentation during a mini-symposium. All group members make a part of the presentation. The project is graded passed /not passed and is part of the examination of the course.

Target audience: The members of the course that at the time of the presentation have had all the lectures and exercises of the course, but not read your paper. 

Method: Use the course literature to present the background to the specialized problem of the scientific paper. 

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