Nuclear Physics

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Experimental tools in Physics

Experimental tools in Physics, FYSN15/FKFN05 (7,5 hp)

The aim of the course is to illustrate the tools available for Experiemental Science in general and Experimental Physics in particular.

The course will give detailed knowledge about measurement techniques available for nuclear sciences and give an overview of experimental methods and techniques.

The course covers several sub-topics and the focus for the students will be on sub-topics not studied in previous courses.

 The function of accelerators and radiation sources will be illustrated both through study visits at research departments and through lectures.

Of great importance are the laboratory exercises that are performed using the research equipment of the department. To guarantee a high level of the experiment, statistical analysis, data handling and interpretation as well as simulation is taught and exercised in sub-projects.

• Accelerators and radiation sources (N + LTH)
• Interaction of radiation with matter (LTH).
• Detectors and electronics for nuclear physics  (LTH).
• Analog and digital electronics (N)
• Statististical analysis, experimental planning, simulations (N + LTH)

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Course responsible

Course responsible are Jan Pallon, Anders Oskarsson.

Introductory meeting

 Date: Wed November 2, 2016

Time: 15.15

Place:H322, Phys.Dep

We are using Live@Lund for this course