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The intention with using self-studies and tutorials is to avoid the one-way communication that is normal with ordinary lectures.
The idea is that at each tutorial both students and teachers are well prepared by studies of the current topic of interest. One of the students acts as responsible and gives a short summary of the theory. The summary is expected to be short (about 20 min) and contain the most relevant and difficult parts of the text. The time remaining will then be used for discussion. To have suitable items to discuss, each one of the students (except the responsible) are asked to prepare at least two questions or discussion subjects and e-mail them in not later than 24.00 the day before the tutorial.
All tutorials take part in smaller groups (about 4 persons) and will be about one hour each time. There are six tutorials scheduled for the course. With this short student-teacher time there will not be any possibility to discuss everything in the course in detail, but this is not the intension and not necessary at this course level.