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Delkurs Joniserande strålning

Interaction and detection

The ionizing radiation part of the course of ”Physics Experiments in Research and Society”, focus on the interaction of radiation with matter. The teaching is based on self-studies and tutorials (discussion groups), seminars as introduction to the laboratory work, a simulation project and two days of laboratory work. The laboratory work and project are graded while the theory part only requires a pass. 


The schedule for tutorials is found to the right.

For the SRIM project, see Datorövning.

The guide to the "fast pulse electronics" laboratory work and
the appendix to "fast pulse electronics" laboratory work will be found under Laborationer.


To pass the theory part the requirements is participation and shown activity at the tutorials. The judgement will be based on presentation, participation in tutorials, activity in discussions and e-mail questioning. Those students showing a to small activity to pass will be given the opportunity of a small written exam (pass/fail) at the end of the course.