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Laboratory work and project

There are one and a half day of laboratory work 2011 related to the ionizing radiation part and in addition to that a computer simulation project. The half-day lab will be around 4 hours and the full day approximately 8 hours.
The reports should be handed in as soon as possible in the instructor post box (or by e-mail). The requirement on the reports is that it should be well prepared with word processor and figures included. Computers and laser-writers are available at the institute.
Grades are given both on the laboratory work and on the computer project, and to acquire any grade more than pass the first version of the report has to be handed in within two weeks.


Criteria for the grades

Below is given the criteria used by the instructors to grade the laboratory work, i.e. not only the final report is important for the grade.
1. Preparation

2.  Background knowledge

3.  Carefulness/Efficiency

4. Initiative/Activity

5. Understanding

6. Report