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Methods for environmental monitoring

Course code FKFN35 (old course code for science faculty: FYST38)

Course code PhD students FKF100F


The course gives qualifications within advanced measurement techniques, especially in the field of air quality and the working environment for the assemssment of health and environmental risks, It stimulates reflective thinking how different human activities influence our health and environment, and gives the student the ability to assess environmental issues from a natural science perspective in the working life and social debate.

Activity during the laboration in the 2015 course

Acquired knowledge and competence

After passing the course, the student should have acquired knowledge how to evaluate a specific environmental issue using experience and available measurement techniques. The student should also have acquired the competence to plan an environmental investigation and how to analyze data from this task. Included is also the ability to present your conclusions from the investigation. The student will finally acquire specialist knowledge in several of todays environmental problems, especially in the air quality and working environment field, and achieves the competence of a consultant to evaluate these issues.


the course contains the following parts:

1. Lectures by leading scientists in their environmental field of expertize and measurement technology.

2. Demonstrations of state-of-the-art scientific measurement technology laboratories.

3. Excursion to the Örtofta combined biomass heat and power plant.

4. Project work with data analysis and evaluation of an actual environmental issue, which researchers of the Environmental Department of Malmö need to have sorted out.

5. Laboration with instruments from the air laboratory at IKDC, with an evalulation of an environmental issue identified by the students themselves.

6. Written exam.


Course credits

7.5 credits at 25 % working rate.

Course period

3rd and 4th study period (January 20, 2020 - June 06, 2020).

Written exam during the last course week, and re-exam in August.

Course responsible persons

Adam Kristensson 

Pontus Roldin.


* Adam Kristensson, Avdelningen för kärnfysik, Aerosolpartikelforskare, Twitter

* Pontus Roldin, Avdelningen för kärnfysik, Aerosolpartikelforskare

* Kristina Stenström, Avdelningen för kärnfysik, Koldaterings- och aerosolpartikelforskare

* Rob Frost, Avdelningen för kärnfysik, Jonstråleforskare med tillämpningar i flera miljöområden

* Axel Eriksson, Avdelningen för ergonomi och aerosolteknologi, Aerosolpartikelforskare

* Mårten Spanne, Malmö miljöförvaltning, Luftmiljöansvarig för mätningar och luftmodellering

* Jakob Riddar, Avdelningen för arbets- och miljömedicin, yrkeshygieniker och arbetsmiljöforskare

* Mikkel Brydegaard Sörensen, Avdelningen för förbränningsfysik, Optiska mätmetoder-forskare luftmiljö