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Hyltemossa safety

If you know you are going to work on Hyltemossa, you have to read the below documents and sign that you have read it during or before the annual safety meeting with Nuclear Physics. You always have to read the safety instructions for Nuclear Physics as well. If you will prepare instruments, sampling, calibrate, and so on in the IKDC aerosol laboratory before or in connection to going to Hyltemossa, you have to take the aerosol laboratory course too. Please contact Patrik Nilsson: for instructions and to book the aerosol laboratory course.


Please note that you always have to make a new risk assessment, and chemicals risk assessment (the standard one from Nuclear Physics) if you will be working with a new Hyltemossa project and handle chemicals.


Safety rules for Hyltemossa.

Encounter with wild animals.

Risk of infection and poisoning.

Declaration that you have read and understood the Hyltemossa safety rules.


If you have a safety incidence, please fill in this report and mail it to


If you invite guests to come to Hyltemossa (but they don't have any other business in Nuclear Physics, or IKDC aerosol laboratory), they only have to read the three above documents, and they have to sign the group list.



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