Nuclear Physics

Lund University

The lower troposphere

The Aerosol Group at the Division of Nuclear Physics has over 30 years of experience in atmospheric aerosol research.

Our research is motivated by the effects of atmospheric aerosols on climate, environment and human health. The aim of our research is to provide scientific results to increase our knowledge of the processes and support policy-making in aerosol-related issues. Our research includes a combination of instrument development and intense field campaigns as well as continuous long-term monitoring in different locations. Below, you can find examples of our research:


Atmospheric particles from combustion and their health and climate impacts

Atmospheric nanoparticle formation from natural and anthropogenic sources, and its climate impact

Soot and organic particles

Particles in the rain forest

Particles in urban areas

Arctic particle measurements and climate effects

Long-term monitoring at the European super-site Hyltemossa

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