Nuclear Physics

Lund University


Our research is cross-disciplinary, involving geologists, astronomers and nuclear physicists. Astrobiology has been a dynamic field for the past decade. There is a great interest, for example, in the potential for primitive life on Mars, and there is an agenda trying to find traces of biologically mediated gases in the atmospheres in any of the many  exoplanets discovered. Our group, however, is specializing in a field that we call astrogeobiology, meaning that we search for information about the conditions of life in the universe from Earth's geological record. There has long been a dichotomy between astronomers that look out in space and geologists that look down on Earth. In our new approach, events in space are related to events on Earth during the past 3.5 billion years, by looking down deep into Earth's sedimentary record, read more at our homepage:

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