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FAIR-NUSTAR Technical Design Report (TDR):
In June 2008, the LYCCA technical design report was submitted to the FAIR management. On October 14th 2008 the LYCCA technical design report was approved by the FAIR scientific council based on the recommendation of the Head of Research of the FAIR Joint Core Team. It marked the first experiment related TDR of NUSTAR having received green light for construction.Subsequently, investment money was granted in both Sweden, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Download the LYCCA TDR (1.7 MB).

Lucky LYCCA - the First NUSTAR Device in ActionFAIR Newsletter No. 16, p. 7, July 2010.

LYCCA within the FAIR Project Plan:
NUSTAR Workpackage (LYCCA)

The LYCCA in-kind contract between FAIR, VR-RFI and Lund University was signed 2019.

D. Farghaly, Characterization of Double Sided Silicon Strip Detectors from LYCCA Modules for FAIR
Bachelor thesis, Lund University, 2019.
K. Wolf,Commissioning and First In-beam Measurements with the Upgraded LYCCA Detector Array,
Masters thesis, Universität zu Köln, 2018.
B. Fu,Gamma-ray Spectroscopy of 33P and33S and Upgrade and Commissioning of the Lund-York-Cologne CAlorimeter,
PhD thesis, Universität zu Köln, 2018.
L. Scruton, Investigation into Time-of-Flight Detectors for Use with LYCCA at FAIR,
PhD thesis, University of York, 2013.
A.S. Barann, Characterisation of LYCCA ΔE-E-Telescopes,
Bachelor thesis, Lund University, 2013.
A. Wendt,  Isospin symmetry in the sd shell: Coulomb excitation of 33Arat relativistic energies and the new Lund-York-Cologne Calorimeter,
PhD thesis, Universität zu Köln, 2013, ISBN: 978-3-8439-0860-3.
R. Hoischen,  Isotope-Selective Spectroscopy: Fast Timing R&D and fp-Shell Mirror Isomers,
PhD thesis, Lund University, 2011, ISBN: 978-91-7473-090-6.
J. Taprogge,  First In-Beam Measurements with the ΔE-E-ToF LYCCA Array at Relativistic Energies
Masters thesis, Universität zu Köln, 2011.

Peer Reviewed Publications (only those with focus on LYCCA R&D):
P. Golubevet al.,
The Lund-York-Cologne Calorimeter (LYCCA): Concept, Design and Prototype Developments for a FAIR-NUSTAR Detector System to Discriminate Relativistic Heavy-ion Reaction Products, 
Nucl. Instr. Meth. A 723, 55 (2013).
R. Hoischen et al.,
Fast Timing with Plastic Scintillators for In-beam Heavy-ion Spectroscopy
Nucl. Instr. Meth. A 654, 354 (2011).
M.J. Taylor  et al.,
A New Simulation Package to Model Detector Systems with Fragmentation Reactions and Ion Separators: Application to the LYCCA-0 system,
Nucl. Instr. Meth. A 606, 589 (2009).
Link to the  LYCCA-0 simulation package of M.J. Taylor (tar.gz, 381 MB)

Annual Reports: 
Bo Fu et al.,
Upgrade and Commissioning of the Lund-York-Cologne CAlorimeter
GSI Scientific Report (2016), DOI 10.15120/GR-2017-1.
M. Reese, N. Pietralla, P. Golubev, D. Rudolph,
Position Sensitivity of LYCCA Time-of-Flight Detectors
GSI Scientific Report, PHN-ENNA-EXP-55, 185 (2012).
P.P. Singh, P. Golubev, D. Rudolph,
LYCCA Performance During the PRESPEC-AGATA Campaign
GSI Scientific Report, PHN-ENNA-EXP-54, 184 (2012).
A. Wendt et al.,
Commissioning of the LYCCA-ToF-∆E-E Detector Array
GSI Scientific Report, PHN-NUSTAR-FRS-03, 134 (2010). 
S. Tereshima et al.,  
Elastic Proton Scattering of Ni isotopes
GSI Scientific Report, PHN-NUSTAR-FRS-17, 148 (2010).
R. Hoischen et al.,  
Ultra-Fast Timing with Plastic Scintillators
GSI Scientific Report, INSTRUMENTS-METHODS-28, 308 (2009).


Besides regular updates and presentations during the annual HISPEC/DESPEC meetings, a number of presentations have been held at more general occasions. The following list tries to summarize the efforts within which LYCCA plays a central role.

K. Wolf,LYCCA at Cologne,
NUSTAR Meeting, York, September 2016.
L. Scruton, Comparison Between Fast Plastic Scintillator and Diamond Timing as Part of LYCCA-0,
IOP Meeting, York, April 2013.A. Wendt, Coulomb excitation of 33Ar and the new Lund-York-Cologne-Calorimeter,
DPG Spring Meeting, Dresden, March 2013.
D. Rudolph, The PRESPEC-AGATA Campaign: Research Combined wirh FAIR Developments,
NUSTAR Week GSI, March 2013.
A. Wendt, Coulomb excitation of 33Ar and the new Lund-York-Cologne-Calorimeter,
NUSTAR Week GSI, March 2013.
D. Rudolph,  Status of the LYCCA Array,
PRESPEC-AGATA Workshop, Darmstadt, December 2012.
P. Golubev,  Status of the LYCCA Array,
S-FAIR Meeting, Göteborg, November 2012.
A. Wendt, PRESPEC In-beam Summary,
NUSTAR Week GSI, March 2012.
P. Golubev,  LYCCA-0 Status and Plans,
S-FAIR Meeting, Lund, November 2011.
A. Wendt, The Lund-York-Cologne-Calorimeter,
AGATA Week, TU Darmstadt, September 2011.
J. Taprogge,  The New LYCCA Detector and First Results From the PRESPEC Campaign at GSI,
seminar CSIC Madrid, June 2011.
J. Taprogge,  In-beam Commissioning of the Lund-York-Cologne CAlorimeter,
DPG Meeting, March 2011.
A. Wendt, LYCCA - a NUSTAR Device in Action,
NUSTAR Week GSI, March 2011.
R. Hoischen,  Prototyping the LYCCA Time-of-Flight System,
S-FAIR Meeting, Örebro, November 2009.
D. Rudolph,  The LYCCA Project - A Status Report,
S-FAIR Meeting, Stockholm, November 2008.
P. Golubev,  Update & Issues on LYCCA/CALIFA Work on Detectors,
S-FAIR Meeting, Gothenburg, November 2007.
D. Rudolph,  HISPEC/DESPEC Plans - Swedish Perspective,
S-FAIR/VR Meeting, Gothenburg, August 2007.
M. J. Taylor,  From CATE to LYCCA,
RISING Stopped Beam Workshop, Madrid, November 2006.

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