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Platform for Advanced Detector systems (PAD)

The infrastructure “Platform for Advanced Detector systems (PAD)” is a facility for advanced detector system development where different research projects can benefit from the resources and competence available at the divisions of subatomic physics in Lund.  The intention is twofold. Firstly to optimize the use of the sophisticated equipment available at the department and secondly to be a resource where competence in one specific research area can be transferred to special needs in other areas. The need of advanced detector systems is increasingly important in connection with the recently announced infrastructures for material research in Lund, ESS and MAX IV. There will be a need for advanced detector systems for optimal use of these facilities.

Experiments in modern nuclear and particle physics have gone towards more and more advanced and complex detector designs with higher and higher granularity, i.e. more channels and higher data flux for more detailed information. The divisions in nuclear and particle physics have a long tradition in design and construction of such complex detector system and the idea with this platform is to channelize the existing competence to areas outside the traditional subatomic physics. Ongoing project can be found in radiation physics and geology.

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