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News on the Island of Stability

The scientific article

Link to the original publication (Physical Review Letters).

Link to the Physics Synopsis of the American Physical Society.

Link to theLUCRIS entry of the article (open access).

Press release (26/1/2021) Lund University - Swedish version - English version.

Press release (26/1/2021) GSI Darmstadt - German version - English version.

Commented in Science magazine (12/2/2021) and Physics World (23/2/2021).

Referee A (quote):
"The wealth of physics discussion that a single event of this kind can generate is both stimulating and satisfying ... and demonstrates the robust promise for superheavy spectroscopy in the near future. The manuscript is very clearly written and shows great attention to detail. Both content and presentation are of the highest quality and I enthusiastically recommend speedy publication in Physical Review Letters."

Referee B (quote):
"... data should be of importance to benchmark the theoretical calculations and to verify the Z = 114 magic proton number. I think that this paper is of interest to the readers of Physical Review Letters. This paper is well written and can be published without corrections"

For more background material on superheavy element research, see, for instance, the FAQ pages of our 2013 element 115 results, or the website hosted by our German colleagues - or contact the group members (preferably by e-mail).

Picture from the Lund University press release (source: unsplash) together with the relevant part of the nuclear chart.

Altmetric (3/2021)

Some Media links:

ScienceDaily (26/1/2021), EuropeanHigherEducation (28/1/2021), (25/1/2021), Scinexx (29/1/2021), EurekAlert (26/1/2021)

Some blogs and the like:

BitsAndDragons (8/2/2021), ScienceAlert (18/2/2021), ScienceTimes (13/2/2021), elperiodicodelaenergia (30/1/2021), (27/1/2021), (26/1/2021)

Do not miss the "Nuclear Idini" (twitter)!

An article published in Today's Science, an "award-winning U.S.-based online science news service for high school and college students": Magical thinking: Flerovium "Stability" a Mirage.


Darmstadtium (Z=110),